Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God's blessing for our Family ( all of it )

Tina and I were blessed by God in the form of a trip back out to Colorado to see Raeann and also Cali and Mike but they are second to the short girl! This time we were also able to take my mom and see the creation of God's incredible mountains through her eye's. This was my mom's first time on a plane and also her first time in the Mountains or Colorado. I have to tell you it was an amazingly moving experience for me to see my mom's face as she took in all the beauty that God has created, the mountains had snow caps on them and the Quakies still had their color showing in some places.

Our days were spent sight seeing and shopping with mom and Raeann, this was an experience all in itself. Raeann was quick to let grandpa know when he was taking to much time shopping in the stores! We were able to plant a couple of bushes for Cali to nurture and some Flowers to brighten her day in the spring and summer months. Raeann helped Grandma with the dirt! You will want to ask Grandma about that. In the evening it was Family time, Raeann was quick to occupy our time with some reading and wrestling. We found out really quick that she wins! Raeann is the boss of the house and the wrestling! Cali still thinks that she is the boss of the schedule but i think that Raeann has taken that from her.

Tina and I were able to make Mike a Christmas present while we were there, Corn hole boards painted like Michigan so that Travis has an excuse when he looses! I will include a picture for you to see, you will also see that Raeann was also helping Grandpa.

As always we had to come home, we know that we will see them at Christmas and the we can always Skype,it is not the best potion but it is a good one.