Thursday, December 17, 2009


Abiding in me is what our lord and savior said to the disciples, this includes you and me if we are his followers. What does abiding really mean? Does it mean to read his word, to pray to him, to go to church, to tell your neighbor about him?
Abide is a deep word of five letters, some bibles say remain in me which we take as staying like it is a challenge to do this. Jesus gives the illustration of him being the vine and us the branches, this gives the vision of being physically connected to him. I heard a pastor say it is a grafting not just a temporary connection but a permanent ever lasting connection.
Abiding - staying as close as we possibly can for along as we possibly can no matter what happens.
In my mind that is what i come up with for a definition of Abide. No matter if i am right or wrong with this definition, i know that by experience that the closer i (abide) the more i feel Christ love! The love that helps me conquer anything that comes at me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today marks a time in my life when i can truly say that the future is here. When i was a child my parents and many others would spoof at the report that some day we would be able to talk with people on a phone like device and see them like they were standing right there with us. Today technology made us feel the love of our grandchildren that live so many miles away.
In one way we fight the technology and hang onto what we know, in another ways we reach out for it like it can't get here fast enough. All i know is that if makes it so that i can see my Granddaughter snort like a pig and i can see my other granddaughter sleep like an angle i thank the lord for technology!