Saturday, March 17, 2012

We went to see Cali, Mike and Reann in February for a week and I am always amazed at the view from their house. We walk down the road a few blocks and this is what we see. Isn't God wonderful how He gives us beauty to show how much He loves us?

Papa and Raeann love to be silly. Of course, Papa makes the better funny face but Raeann tries very hard to keep up with him!

We skype with our granddaughters quite often and thought I would add a few new pictures. First is Madilynne playing outside. The weather has been quite nice in Maryland so the girls get to play outside often. Next is Ily in her cute little outfit. Her red hair is so curly, I just love it! The last picture is of Raeann. I usually get a few pictures while we are skyping. This one is Raeann in her crown she made at the daycare. Very adorable are all 3 of our girls!