Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, June and July was our time to spend with Cali, Mike and Raeann. They came to Michigan for almost 3 weeks. I was privileged to have my first Grandma - Granddaughter sleepover! I can't explain how much that meant to me to have Raeann sleep over and not be afraid. It just proved to me that when you spend the time and they see how much you love them, it's ok!
Well, it has been a long time since I have posted here so I thought I should get caught up! In May we flew to Maryland to spend Memorial weekend with Micah, Susan, Ily and Madi. It was very hot so we made a few trips to the bay to watch Ily splash in the water. I have never seen a child love to stand under the hose and have water poured over her head! It makes Madi laugh. The girls are both getting very big!

So, I thought I would also show pictures from Labor Day weekend. We flew once again to Maryland and you are going to be surprised by the change in Ily and Madi. Each time we go is so different from the last time. We arrived to Ily standing in the doorway, waving her arms yelling Gamma, Gappa!! What a treat to be greeted by the sight! She was so excited to see us! Now when we skype she has to tell you everything! You may not understand it all but that's coming!